4 Of The Best Places To Consider For A Walking Safari In Tanzania

A walking safari in Tanzania is no doubt one of the most adventurous experience as you will have a chance to get up close to the wildlife without the noise of a safari vehicle. Everything you find during a Tanzania walking safari is unique – from analyzing the imperative bark of a baboon to the powerful aroma left by an elephant or predator or simply relishing the early morning fragrances of the sage tree, fresh from the 1st dew.

Below mentioned are a few places to check out for your next walking Safaris in Tanzania:

The Selous Game Reserve:

The southern park of the Selous Game Reserve is one of the major areas to take into account for Tanzania walking safaris. Being a Reserve, the principles are a little diverse than other popular parks like the Serengeti but, with a huge array of distinctive environments & geographies that the park boasts, there’s plenty to keep travelers fascinated for at least a week.

Ruaha National Park:

Placed at the heart of Tanzania, Ruaha National Park is the perfect alternative to the Selous game reserve with its baobab forests and open grasslands. Though it may not provide as diverse climate as Selous, but it’s still an exceedingly gratifying place to walk and with camps like Mwagusi, there’s an incredibly high level of guiding to be had.

The Northern safari parks:

Over the last few years, Tanzania Park Authorities have realized the prospective of permitting walking safaris, as such, now it’s feasible to walk in parks like Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National park and in some of the periphery areas that encircle the Serengeti. With exceptional game viewing and high level of guiding, it mayn’t allow for days of walking, but it still adds to the overall experience.

Katavi National Park:

Tanzania’s 3rd biggest National Park, Katavi National Park is renowned for good reasons. Featuring thousands of hippo pods, buffalo and predators, Katavi is without any doubt one of the best-kept secrets of Africa.

Placed absolutely miles from anywhere, it’s no wonder that it took a while for Katavi to actually be founded as a safari destination in the late 80s. Since then, not much changed really. To visit the park, with its 3 year-round camps, is to travel a real diamond in the rough.

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